Why You Will Love a Tuscany Holidays in 2020?

tuscany holidays

A Tuscany Holidays will let you experience a taste of nature and leisure. The place’s fertile and luxuriant land combined with amazing landscapes full of thermal spas, stunning beaches, nature reserves and hills sketched with rows of vines sprinkled with olive groves and cypress trees, makes Tuscany Holidays an extraordinary experience.

Tuscany is one of the large regions of Italy that is also a famous tourist destination because of its endless artistic beauties, breathtaking landscapes, renowned history, and of course the quality produced wine. Apart from the mountain stretch of Apuan Alps, Tuscany is a very hilly region that has long stretched coastline overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A Tuscany Holidays to Explore History

The history of Tuscany goes a long way back the ancient times when first human settlements were Etruscan who built the town of Fiesole in 1st century B.C. A true symbol of Tuscany is Florence, the capital city of the region and has been the birthplace of the Renaissance tempting a lot of travelers, scholars and artists from all over the world to marvel at its beauty for centuries.

Tuscany is also well known for it’s food and wine produce that grows in their fertile soil creating high quality commodities for ages. These products have been Tuscany’s pride combined with tourist industry resulting to the regions economy. All the pretty cities of Tuscany have one way or another contributed to its uniqueness. Siena for one is a city filled with medieval ambiance and the locale for the famous Palio race every year. Pisa, another well-known tourist destination for its leaning tower built around the end of the 12th century, is one of the remarkable cities to visit in Tuscany.

Taste Amazing Food on Tuscany Holidays

A Tuscany Holidays will not be complete without experiencing its food and wine. Siena is famous for its ricciarelli almond biscuits and panforte cake, while rural areas nearby are popular for the cinta senese pork salami products and cacio pecorino cheese in an area to the south of Siena known as ìle Creteî. Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, and Rossi di Montepulciano are some of the famous red wine in the Chianti area which is also known for it wonderful extra virgin oil. If you’re holidays in Tuscany brings you to Florence, you can not leave without tasting the ribollita soup and the Fiorentina steak that comes from Chianina breed of cows. A tasty fish soup made on the coast of Livorno called the caciucco is one cuisine you should not miss tasting.

Whatever you decide to do on your Tuscany Holidays, always remember that an amazing place like this with a lot to offer, from the most varied landscapes, hills and mountains, to the unforgettable taste of food and wine, this place should be savored slowly for memories that can last you a lifetime.

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