The Average Cost of Using New York Public Transport

New York Public Transport

New York Public Transport is the cheapest way of travelling within New York, which consists of subway, train, bus and express bus. The fare for using New York public transport starts from $2.75 for subway or local bus ride. The fare for an express bus ride is $6.50. Up to three children 44 inches tall and under ride for free on subways and local buses when accompanied by a fare-paying adult. Infants (under two years of age) ride express buses free if the child sits on the lap of the accompanying adult.

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Using MetroCard at New York Public Transport

The MetroCard is an easier way to pay for buses and subways, can be recharged it at any time. It will allow you to transfer for free to other bus or subway services within two hours of your first fare. A $1.00 fee applies to buy a new MetroCard. If you are thinking of using public transportation throughout your trips to NYC, it will be cost-effective buying a 7 or 30 days unlimited pass.

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Using Taxi

Yellow taxi’s fares starting at $2.50 and then increasing as time and distance passes. Yellow Taxis can be paid with cash as well as with credit or debit card. Taxi could be cheaper option when travelling in group.