What is the Best Way of Getting Around Venice?

Getting Around Venice

The best way to getting around Venice is using canal transports. Although, Venice is well known for its art, its canals and its beauty, but not for its affordability. One can explore Venice cheaply with enough planning and by seeing the city the way locals do. So first and foremost walking is the easiest and cheapest way to getting around Venice and you must know it is a walking city, with streets that are built for pedestrians only.

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Getting Around Venice by Vaporetto

It is a city of cannel, so take advantage of the water bus which is cost-effective. The vaporetto venice is the ferry that takes residents and visitors from bus stop to bus stop on the water. It will cost you 7 euro from one end to the other end in 30 min and you can get on and off at different stops on the Grand Canal if you like. To plan itineraries, check schedules and buy tickets download the useful vaporetto venice app daAaB. By purchasing tickets through the app, you can scan your phone at the barriers in place of a ticket.

By Traghetto

Another cheap way to get around is using a traghetto, which is the gondola service locals use to cross the Grand Canal between its widely spaced bridges. You can get traghetto service at Campo San Marcuola, the Rialto Market, Riva del Vin, San Tomà, Ca’ Rezzonico and beside the Gritti Palace. Traghetti rides cost just €2 for nonresidents and typically operate from 9 am to 6 pm, although some routes finish by noon.

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By Gondola

The gondola is a popular ride which offers a view of Venice that is anything but pedestrian. It is an expensive but romantic way of exploring the city, daytime rates are €80 for 40 minutes not including songs or tips. Additional time is charged in 20-minute increments (day/night €40/50). Agree on a price, time limit and singing in advance to avoid unexpected surcharges.

By Water Taxi

The city has licensed water bus or taxis for getting around Venice but they are a costly way and can be good for a group. Fares can be metered or negotiated in advance start at €15 plus €2 per minute, €5 extra if they’re called to your hotel. There’s a €10 surcharge for night trips (10 pm to 6 am), a €5 surcharge for additional luggage (above five pieces) and a €10 surcharge for each extra passenger above the first four.