Best Ways to Getting Around New York?

getting around new york

Getting around New York is easier and cheaper than you thought. It has one of the well-connected public transportation systems in the world. With 472 subway stations, the NYC subway is one of the largest, oldest and busiest subway systems in the world. It operates twenty-four hours a day across 36 lines and serves four out of five of New York’s boroughs. In total, there is about 472 subway stations.

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Getting Around New York by Subway

Cheapest way to visit around New York is to use NYC Subway. A single pay-per-ride will cost you $2.75 and 7-days unlimited ride will cost $33 which is a lot cheaper compare to using taxi. Each ride includes an automatic free transfer (within two hours) between subway and bus, bus and subway, or between buses. Click here to download the latest version of NYC Subway Map.

By Bus

The NYC subway system is complemented with deeply connected public bus service classified as local or express. Routes from some of the busier areas of Manhattan to the outer boroughs are served by express. A bus stop can be easily found in every corner of the city, which is clearly marked with blue signs and sometimes with shelters.

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By Taxi

The iconic Yellow Taxi is certainly another popular way of getting around New York. A taxi shows it’s availability by illuminating the yellow light. An alternative to the yellow taxi includes ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. They are generally a much cheaper option to Yellow Taxi and can be booked in advance through their respective apps.