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Best Time to book cheap flights to Paris

For a budget-conscious traveller best time to book cheap flights to Paris would be on weekends from mid-January to the end of February but the temperature is usually cold at this time. Check out flight price calendar to find the best month to book cheap flights to Paris.

Popular Things to Do in Paris

Paris in summer is always most enchanting. There is always a celebration or an event that will perk your interests. From the three-day Paris Country Fair to the Nuits de Feuto, one of the largest fireworks spectaculars in the world, these events are sure to please especially if you like the outdoors. Or, if you prefer the indoors, with 140 theatres and show venues, there are major theatrical productions and musicals galore! Or perhaps go for a romantic night out on cruise. Do not forget to view of some the world historical landmarks along the Seine River while on your night-time dinner cruise! Enjoy the spectacular night view of Notre-Dame (under construction after fire), the Eiffel Tower, the Musee du Louvre and more historical landmarks of France.

During the summer city gets crowded with tourists so does the popular places. So, Compare and book most popular things to do in Paris at competitive price and avoid queuing up for tickets and use your time more efficiently in Paris.

Visit Paris, France

Book a cheap flight to Paris to explore one of the most visited cities in the world. Located on an island in river Seine called Ile de la Cite. Before Paris became Paris, the city was the capital of the territory occupied by the Parisi, the Gallic tribe after which Paris will take its name in the 4th century A.D. There is some controversy about the original Celtic name of the city, but when the Romans invaded it in 52 B.C. under Emperor Julius Caesar, they called it Lutecia (or Lutetia).

The Roman armies dropped in count during the 400’s A.D. when the Germanic tribes took over the island. At this time a Frankish-Latin to form, a union and they started making the town grow. It is said that the King then encouraged the Parisian to place names like Paris.

Paris became known to rule the power at the end of 987 when the empire split. The split was because of the large growth and became the modern France and the modern Germany.

Today Paris is so compact with 2.5 million in population that it has been divided into 20 sections. Each section has it’s own mayor, city hall, police station along with their own post office.

The river that runs through Paris is the Seine River. The Right Bank is on the north and the left bank streaming south. There are 32 bridges crossing the river with two small islands at the end of some of them.

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The island of Ile de la Cite is the cities birthplace and the home of Notre-Dame. Ile St-Louis island is the second island and it is the home of many 17th century mansions. The bridges will give walkers access to these islands and at the end makes things look like a maze with narrow streets and old buildings.