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Visiting Dubai, UAE

If you want to have a superb holiday, Dubai is the place to go. Dubai is a luxurious destination that blend the traditional with modern with so much success. If you plan to go to Dubai, the best time to be there is during the cooler time of the year. Would be best to go between October and May, the average temperature will be 24C. If you will miss this period, it will probably be very hot outside. But, since everywhere is air-conditioned, you will have no problem inside. You can get to Dubai by plane easily, at least 80 airlines land everyday at the Dubai International Airport.

Dubai was one of the first emirates to join the UAE, a unified group of seven Muslim majority states, when the British forces finally left the Middle East in 1971. The area is surrounded by Saudi Arabia and Oman and the shorelines unite with the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. A Supreme Council of Rulers is the governing body of the United Arab Emirates. This council consists the seven ruling Emirs as its members, who in turn appoint the Prime Minister and the various Cabinet berths for the federal government. Note that while the Supreme Council of Rulers has overall control of the complete UAE, Dubai is famous for the high level of autonomy that it maintains as far as its local development issues are concerned.

Arabic is the official language of Dubai, UAE. But also spoken are some other languages are also spoken there. English enjoys being the medium of communication in the majority of trade and commerce activities, while Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam and some other dialects are spoken by the expatriates from India and Pakistan.

Islam is the official religion of all Arabian countries including the UAE. Dubai is no exception either in this context. As a result, the Muslim holidays and festivities assume a very significant role in its normal life. These holidays may keep varying from one year to another as per the Islamic calender.

Since the Emirate of Dubai is in the Middle East, the climate is naturally sub-tropical and what you might expect from a desert in the neighbourhood. This is good news in terms of clear skies all the year. There is very little rainfall in Dubai and most of it takes place during the winter season. Temperatures follow an extreme trend with the daytime temperatures of summer touching the 48 degrees Celsius, and the winters the 10 degrees Celsius marks. January is the coldest with an average temperature of around 24 degrees Celsius, while the hottest month of July may report back an average of 41 degrees Celsius mark.

At Dubai, if you want to go from place to place, the most convenient way is by taxi. Also, almost all hotels can arrange a taxi for you. You can always also rent a car, you just need to have a valid passport, driver license and to be over 21 years of age. Renting a car is not high priced and they will offer you a big variety of options.

While you are at Dubai take part to camel racing. It is a popular traditional sport in the Emirates. It’s free to the public and they have customized racetracks for this. They also have a camel racing federation.

One of the best activities in Dubai is the “dunes dinner”. You will drive your 4-wheeled drive land cruiser (they will give it to you) in the desert to the east of Dubai. You can even ride camels or stay in an Arabian tent under the stars. The average cost per person for these tours is $75, you can arrange these with the various operators in Dubai.

All these things will take part in making your holiday in Dubai fantastic. Have fun.


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