Paris beach

Do you care to visit a beach while in Paris?

Paris has many sandy beaches, including Vendee, which has over a 100 miles of dunes with backgrounds of pine. The climate is usually mild, which allows you to enjoy surfing, diving, swimming and so on. On the south end of the beach is the nude area. Throughout the beach are marshes that spark attention of birds.

night out in Paris

Night out in Paris : Wining and Dining

When you want to plan a night on the town, it is wise to make sure that you spend the night right. Therefore, check into the best wine and dine areas by visiting your local Travel Agent. Perhaps you can go online to find a wide array of fine wine and dine areas in Paris as well. There are many nice ways to spend your evening while you are in Paris.

shopping in Paris

How to Shop in Paris

ou have a wide array of shopping malls in Paris to choose. Paris has an array of kitchenware, discount shopping, fashion shops, art stores, antique malls, department stores, jewelry shops, bookstores and more.

travel plan

Things to know before Planning a Trip to Paris

Planning a trip to Paris is easy, since you can go online to find travel guides, travel packages and more. Paris is France’s Capital, which is located at Seine riverbanks throughout the northern-central parts of France. Paris is also capital of various regions. The Regions surround the suburbs of Paris France.

Cruise in Paris

Taking a Romantic Cruise to Paris

When you want something to do, and want to get away so that you and your loved one can be alone, why not go on a cruise in Paris. The Cruises in Paris include the lovely glass ships. Aboard the ship, you will enjoy nature at its best, as well as fine wine and dining.

shopping trip in paris

Taking a Shopping Trip to Paris

When shopping in Paris it can be fun. Paris not only has huge stores to shop in the country also has shopping on the streets. Paris has everything you would want to take home for the whole family to enjoy. You will notice that everyone on the streets is dressed in very high fashions.

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