Hotels in Venice Italy

Some ideas of Hotels in Venice, Italy

Venice Italy is probably one of the most romantic places to be in and apart from its historic and artistic structures, there is just something about Venice that can make a person gaze at the city with awe. It may be the small streets with no vehicles, or the canals dominated by gondolas, or the […]

Why travelling to Florence Italy is worth?

Florence is one of the beautiful cities of Tuscany, a region of Italy. Florence Italy exhibits an al fresco of art and culture. This Italian city is famous worldwide for being the heart of the Renaissance period and the abode of fine arts and literature. One can find powerful symbols of Italian and European culture […]

Why Rome travel will be your best travel

Rome, most often called the Eternal City, combines the superior magnificence of the Vatican, the agelessness of the Forum, the gory character of the Colosseum, and the summit pace of Fiat Bambino. It’s difficult to predict what one would find as breathtaking in this astonishing place. Do what the Romans do as they say, create […]

Why Traveling by train in Italy is the best way

There are many ways to travel around Italy when discovering the place. Traveling by train in Italy is the best way to get around although it may be a little expensive than traveling by bus, but train travel in Italy is cheaper compared to surrounding countries. However, like any other means of transport, major rail […]

Do you know the ways to Travel in Italy?

Taking the airplane is still the easiest and most convenient way to get to and within Italy. But is it the only way? Scanning your map will unveil Italy’s share of ports, and several land and sea routes. Well, if you really have a thing for flying, flights within Italian cities are abundant. Rome, Milan, […]

Why people most people want to travel to Tuscany Italy

Tuscany is one of the large regions of Italy that is also a famous tourist destination because of its endless artistic beauties, breathtaking landscapes, renowned history, and of course the quality produced wine. Apart from the mountain stretch of Apuan Alps, Tuscany is a very hilly region that has long stretched coastline overlooking the Tyrrhenian […]

Travelling to La Giudecca Island in Venice Italy

Formerly known as Sina Lunga because of its fishbone shape, La Guidecca Island in Venice Italy is an S-shaped thin island in the southern lagoon opposite the Zattere of Venice proper and was known as Venice’s ìgarden of delightsî in the 18th century. This amazing island in the Venetian lagoon filled with fascinating neo-gothic buildings […]

Crucial Facts about Italy Travel

What else is there to know about Italy aside from when to go, what to see, and how much to spend? A lot. There are crucial facts about Italy travel. One such fact is that, star ratings outside Italy’s hotels may not mean the same thing you thought them to mean. So what exactly do […]

Cultural Travel Italy – Fruits for the Heart

Cultural travel Italy owes to the fact that Italy has been a home to great diverse traditions. Minority lingua-groups, contrasting religious groups, even university student groups. In the past two decades, Italy has been receiving many waves of immigrants from all over the world especially Eastern Europe and North Africa – new settlers, not just […]

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